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Elgin Stampede Community Hall

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to further the traditions of rural Oregon, as set forth by our organization's founders almost 80-years ago. We promote civic participation, encourage cooperation with civic enterprise and strongly support any and all activities that foster education, participation and appreciation for our rural heritage. In order to achieve this, we continuously strive to develop and improve our Stampede events and presence, provide our facilities to local and regional organizations and diligently support the economy and identity of our rural community.

The existing structure, originally built in 1952 by founding volunteers with their personal time, money and equipment, has significantly deteriorated in its standing 71 years and is beyond renovation or repair. In partnership with the City of Elgin, The Elgin Stampeders are seeking funding and community support to construct an 11,000 square foot building, replacing the current-standing 70-year-old deteriorating structure.

This new facility meets the community's demand for an ADA accessible, safely constructed and environmentally efficient space. The need for an appropriately-size space for local, state, federal and regional organizations would serve as a resource that doesn't currently exist in size or scale in many adjacent counties in Northeastern Oregon. It would enable increased utilization furthermore leading to economic stimulus for our economically challenged rural region.

New Hall Proposal

How Can You Help?

Donate your signature and "a buck"! You will find visuals of our official building plans and a signature page at three locations in Union County; Community Bank in Elgin, the City of Elgin office and Old West Federal Credit Union in La Grande. You may also contact any Stampede committee member directly.


Simply write your 100% tax-deductible check to The Elgin Stampede Building Fund and mail to: The Elgin Stampede, P.O. Box 397, Elgin, OR 97827. Questions? Email us at elginstampede@yahoo.com

We are SO grateful for your support!
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