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Grand Marshals

Dale & Julianne Clark, Elgin, OR

The Elgin Stampeders are proud to honor Glenn "Dale" and Julianne Clark as Grand Marshals for the 2021 Elgin Stampede. Both Dale and Julianne are natives of Elgin, calling it "home" for the last 91+ years. Dale and Julianne were married August 05, 1949 and moved out to the ranch on Cricket Flat, which has been part of Dale's family for over 100 years. It's here that they raised their four children; Vickie (Clark), Galen (Clark), Valerie (Koller) and Jodi (Burgess). Julianne remains out on Cricket Flat, keeping the legacy going at the age of 91, and Dale was able to enjoy his ranch until he took his "last ride" on June 11, 2020, surrounded by his family. He and Julianne had been married for 70 years; raised their four children and undoubtedly continue to love their 19 great-grandchildren, one great-great grandchild and numerous nieces and nephews.

Dale and Julianne have served the community for many years, in many different capacities and have never known a stranger. They owned the D/J restaurant for 20+ years, as well as the Sears store for 10+ years. In addition to running his own ranch and cattle, Dale was a farm equipment salesman for Bailey's for over 15 years. He was always a working man, keeping himself busy into his late 80's at RC Liquidators. As they grew older Dale and Julianne certainly didn't grow any less busy, keeping themselves occupied by supporting their grandchildren. They never missed a sporting/school event or an opportunity for a family get together out at the ranch. Some of the most memorable gatherings were of the annual branding, fueled by Julianne's cheeseburgers, complete with grilled onions (giving that rodeo burger a run for its money) and macaroni salad.

As for the Elgin Stampede, Dale and Julianne have been life-long supporters and became part of the Stampede family in 1956. During their time as active members Dale served as the Rodeo Chairman and oversaw ticket sales. His record keeping was remarkable, and the family still has his records to prove it. Julianne served as Stampede Secretary and was an usher for many years. Dale and Julianne weren't ones to miss an Elgin Stampede, making sure to swing in for at least one night, even in their late 80's/early 90's. Dale and Julianne had been approached about being Grand Marshals for the 2020 Stampede, prior to the COVID-19 restrictions. Although Dale is not able to be here in person there's no question that he will be here in spirit. Dale and Julianne were thrilled at the nomination; Dale had accepted and said it was "a great honor" – and he was beaming.

The Stampeders sincerely thank Dale and Julianne for all of their years of service and support to the Elgin Stampede!

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