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2023 Elgin Stampede Royalty

Lydia Hasbell

Dakota Anderson

Welcome Rodeo Fans,

Proudly representing your 76th Elgin Stampede is Lydia Hasbell, I live here in Elgin, Oregon with my parents Chad and Amanda Burgess and my older brother Gabe and younger siblings Bailey, Coleman, and Graylen. I was born and raised here in Union County. This is and will forever be my home. Since I could remember I have worked and helped my grandparents with their farm, David and Julie Sanders, where I learned all my farming/ranching skills that I value today. They taught me work ethic in how to work cattle, fix fencing, training horses, and much more. I am currently 17 years old and going into my senior year here at Elgin High School, which I have attended since the 8th grade.

Throughout my school years I have been highly active in 4-H, FFA, volleyball, basketball, and track. I was first in 4-H for five years when I started showing market hogs, market goats, and breeding does. My grandparents were swine/goat owners and got me interested in showing swine as well as goats. I learned the value of breeding and raising. In 2019 I started my own herd of dairy goats and learned the values and skills of dairy goat production. I entered FFA with my dairy herd and my advisor helped me succeed in putting them on AET as my very first SAE accomplishment. From there I became very interested in FFA and started to not only do SAE’s but CDE’s as well. CDE’s are career development events, I have pursued parliamentary procedure, ag sales, dairy and meats evaluation, and many more events. Over the past four years I have shown market hogs and goats at EOLS and UCF where I have earned many awards.

From elementary school to high school I have participated in volleyball and basketball for 7 years. Volleyball and basketball have taught me the value of hard work, teamwork, and being a part of a team that grows your character in many ways. I have also learned that being a part of leadership roles which include FFA officers from freshman year to being class president my Junior year have helped me succeed in my public speaking and growing my character in many ways. These roles have taught me how to help others in not giving up and succeeding their goals as I did mine.

Over the years I have grown up in a rodeo family that has been a part of the Elgin Stampede and participated in many other rodeos around the state. I grew up going to the full week of the Elgin Stampede and seeing all the different rodeo courts and from then I've always wanted to be where I am today. While also attending the Elgin Stampede I have participated in family night ever since I was 4 years old. I started with mutton busting and then moved to pole bending and barrel racing. I have pole bended and barrel raced ever since and expanded my rodeos to all over Oregon. In the past few years I have had trouble with my rodeo horse and had to find a new horse, I looked for a challenge and I acquired it.

In 2021 I found my dream horse Badger, he is a 11 year old gray AQHA with a stubborn but very loving personality. Aside from not knowing much, Badger has grown in many ways. When I first got him all he knew was working cattle and I shifted his mind to all aspects of western. I was able to do a range of things that vary from ground work to any rodeo event. Badger loves when we are able to get into an arena and work, which is his favorite activity as well as mine. We are the perfect match for what is about to come for the both of us. I’m so grateful to have a horse like him to share this experience with.

I would like to thank my family for supporting me and helping me become the young lady I am today that is proudly representing the 76th Elgin Stampede! I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the 2023 76th Elgin Stampede!

Hey there rodeo fans!

My name is Dakota Anderson and I live in Elgin, Oregon with my family, Chuck, Sheri, and Tymra Anderson! I was born in Union County and Elgin has been my home for my whole life! Since the day I was born, I have lived the Western way of life. I work on the family farm doing most anything you can think of. I know how to fix fences, doctor cattle, rake hay, and almost everything in between but my favorite jobs always had to do with working our horses. I am 17 years old and am finishing out my junior year at Elgin High School which I have attended since my days as a preschooler.

During my school days, I have been active in 4-H, FFA, FBLA, ASB, NHS, volleyball, and basketball. From fourth grade to sixth grade I was an active 4-H member and showed hogs at Eastern Oregon Livestock Show and Union County Fair. Currently, I am the Elgin FFA chapter president and a state degree recipient! I own and operate a herd of registered Angus cattle which consists of ten cow and calf pairs as well as two bulls. Ever since 7th grade when I joined FFA, I have shown market steers at Eastern Oregon Livestock Show and Union County Fair. I hold positions as a vice president in both FBLA and ASB! FFA and FBLA have shown me a lot about what it means to be a leader and have allowed me to shine! I compete in public speaking under both organizations and have placed in the event at FBLA State!

Rodeo has been where I have found my competitive edge! Since I was little I competed in family night at the Elgin Stampede! When I was in fifth grade I joined in on the Elgin Stampede Playdays where I competed in a multitude of events. Out of the wide range of events barrel racing stole my heart. From then I would travel every summer to rodeos and jackpots! It was something about the speed and the bond I developed with my horse that made me fall in love.

The Elgin Stampede has always held a special place in my heart. When I was a young girl I remember the excitement of going to the rodeo and watching the royalty fly by on their horses. Ever since my first rodeo, I’m pretty sure I asked my mom when I could run for court way too many times. The excitement in the crowd mixed with the passion of the rodeo athletes was something I wanted to be a part of.

I am beyond thankful to represent a wonderful community of people and rodeo! I can’t wait to see everyone down the rodeo road this year!

2022 Elgin Stampede Queen - Rowdy Israel

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