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2022 Elgin Stampede Royalty

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2022 Princesses

Rowdy Israel

Audree Treat

Quincee Zacharias

Welcome Elgin Stampeders!

Proudly representing your 75th Elgin Stampede is Rowdy Israel, the 15-year-old daughter of Nicole Israel. Residing in the quiet little eastern Oregon town of Dayville, Rowdy is well known for her community involvement, her love of horses and rodeo!

Rowdy gained her confidence early on participating in several Grant County parades dressed as a rodeo queen, however her real queen career started when she was just 6 years old, participating in her first pageant event through the Lil Miss Northwest Professional Rodeo Association (NPRA) queen for a day program in Prineville, Oregon. Rowdy participated in this program every year from 2012-2015. In 2014 Rowdy held the title of Lil Miss Grant County for the Grant County Fair & Rodeo in John Day Oregon. In 2017 Rowdy won her title as the Lil Miss (NPRA) Northwest Professional Rodeo Association - Eastern Oregon region Queen. She traveled and made several appearances throughout Oregon at NPRA rodeos and parades, enjoying every minute of this exciting experience. Rowdy decided to go on to compete for her next title and in 2019 Rowdy won the title of Jr Miss Rodeo Oregon. This opportunity put Rowdy back on the road representing the state of Oregon, traveling over 15,000 miles that year going to over 30 different rodeos in Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Nevada, but there was one rodeo that was her favorite… The Elgin Stampede!

If you don’t know Rowdy, you may have seen her this past summer on her beloved mount Peanut, a 26-year-old registered Black and White Paint gelding or perhaps mounted on Ricky her 15-year-old sorrel Quarter Horse gelding racing around at the Elgin Stampede Playday Rodeos, competing in the breakaway roping, barrels, poles, and goat tying events. Rowdy participated competitively in the Elgin Stampede Playday rodeos and was a top competitor in the Cinnabar Mountain Playday rodeo series in John Day Oregon, the Cayuse Jr Rodeo series in Milton Freewater Oregon, the Paisley Jr Rodeo in Paisley Oregon, Lakeview Jr Rodeo in Lakeview Oregon, Haines Jr Rodeo in Haines Oregon and was a first-year competitor in the Oregon High School Rodeo series.

Before Rowdy took off down the rodeo road she enjoyed competing in English and western equitation, hunt seat/jumping, showmanship and the trail course in her local 4-H horse show program in John Day, Oregon. When Rowdy isn’t traveling to her next rodeo or event she enjoys country trail riding, hiking in the wilderness, snowmobiling, atv/dirt bike/utv riding. She enjoys time with her family and friends along with her two beloved dogs Diesel and Bexley, her cat Boots and her palomino paint mini horse Tonto.

Rowdy has been active in the Dayville School from 2012-2021, then moving on to her sophomore year of high school at an online private academy. Rowdy enjoyed the sports of volleyball and basketball with Dayville School from 2015-2021. She participated in several Dayville community clean ups and helped with planning several school activities. In 2020 Rowdy held the position of student council sergeant of arms and in 2021 held the position of student council Vice President. In 2020 Rowdy also was the Vice President of the Dayville FFA chapter and in 2021-current holds the President title of the Dayville FFA chapter. Completing in Ag Sales and public speaking, along with going to State convention are some of Rowdy’s favorite FFA experiences so far. Upon graduating high school Rowdy would like to continue her education and become a dental hygienist, along with pursuing her dream of becoming a professional breakaway roper and of course…Miss Rodeo America! Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

Rowdy feels beyond blessed to be given the opportunity to represent and be a part of the prestigious 75th annual Elgin Stampede Rodeo, rodeo committee, rodeo court and the Elgin community. Pull your hats down tight Elgin Stampede rodeo fans because this year is going to unbelievably amazing!

Howdy Rodeo Fans,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Audree Treat and I live in Summerville, Oregon with my parents Daniel and Dawn Treat and my younger brother Trevor. I was born and raised in Union County and it is a place that will always be home to me. Since I could remember I have worked on my grandparent's farm, Randy and Pam Glenn, where I have learned many skills of being a farmer and a rancher like combining, working cattle, fixing fences, swathing hay and grass, and much more. I am 18 years old and finishing up my senior year at Imbler High School, which I have attended since Kindergarten.

Throughout my school years I have been active in 4-H, FFA, FBLA, and basketball. I was first active in 4-H in my elementary years as a fourth grader where I started showing steers. My family are cattle owners and I learned the value of breeding and raising your own herd. In 2016 my steer was the market and homegrown champion at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show, an accomplishment I hold near and dear to my heart. When I was an 8th grader I started showing cattle in FFA. My years in FFA have allowed me to accomplish many different leadership positions like chairman of beef month which is in February. Through FFA I learned that there was much more to showing beef than just the steer side of it and really started learning about the cattle industry. When I was a freshman I started my own cattle herd, from a single heifer from my grandparent's farm. I started out by learning to artificially inseminate my heifer, which is a procedure I also incorporated into my senior project. Throughout the past few years I have built up my herd to six heifers and zero bulls. Over the past eight years I have shown cattle either in market steer or breeding classes at EOLS and UCF where I have achieved many awards ranging from Best in Class Showman and advancing to all around showman competition to Grand Young Herdsmen Champion.

From elementary school to high school I have played basketball for 10 years. Basketball has taught me the value of teamwork and being part of something that makes you stronger both inside and out. I also learned this through FBLA, where I have been a chapter officer since I was a freshman and I have loved every minute of it. Both of these have taught me how to be a leader in multiple aspects of my life and how I can encourage others to strive to be the best they can be as well.

Over the years I have grown up watching the Elgin stampede and watching the young girls be on the court. I have even been a part of Elgin Stampede Family night for 2 years where I participated in pole bending and barrels. I wanted nothing more than to continue to participate in this event; however, I had trouble in the past with finding the right horse. I have been through a lot of horses and even have been injured by one, but every time I got knocked down I got right back up and tried again.

In 2019 I found my dream horse Monty, a 14 year old horse with a loving personality. He is a quarter horse and has been trained in roping and cattle pinning. Monty loves it when we are able to move cattle, which is his favorite activity. We are the perfect pair and I could not imagine being on this wild ride with anyone but him.

I would also like to thank my family for supporting me through this and always being by my side. I am excited for the 75th Elgin Stampede!

Hello Rodeo Fans, welcome to the 75th annual Elgin Stampede!

My name is Quincee Zacharias and I am a 16-year-old Sophomore at Enterprise High School. My parents are Luke & Merilee Zacharias along with my older brother Triston and my older sister Maggie. The place I call home is in the beautiful place Joseph Oregon. I am active in the 4-H & FFA where I have shown horses, sheep, pigs, and my heifer. I am a member of the Denim & Dust 4-H horse club and involved in the Enterprise FFA chapter. I have competed in the Creed competition, public speaking, and soils judging. When I was a 5-year-old I taught our bottle calf how to be ridden and do a trail course. The love of livestock didn’t end there I was a lucky recipient of a Wallowa County Stock Growers Heifer Scholarship. With this I purchased my very own registered breeding heifer named Brittany. She will be the start of my cattle herd and I hope to continue the growth of my livestock herd. Being the recipient of this award, I want to give back to the scholarship fund, to help others receive this award in the future.

My favorite thing in my free time is to spend with my beloved horses. Let me introduce some of them to you know. First let’s talk about Smiles, also known as Miles. He is a 7-year-old AQHA gelding and has been my partner for two years. We have accomplished many awards in the 4-H shows as well as open horse shows. I have qualified for the Oregon State Fair three times. We were honored to receive a belt buckle at the 2021 Bill Harder memorial Show in Ranch Riding. Though I don’t know if he will be one of my royalty mounts you will still find us competing together. Let me introduce you to my main mount for the Elgin Stampede. Rudi is a 6-year-old AQHA/APHA gelding. His main job is being used on the ranch. You will find Rudi and I at several appearances this summer.

When I am not busy doing my royalty duties you will find me at my summer job. I have spent two summers for B&B Hay having many duties, including moving pipe, driving tractor, truck, restringing balers and getting super dirty power washing equipment. I am a hard worker and willing to learn new tasks asked of me. When I am not working, I enjoy working on my pickup and changing oil.

I have enjoyed being part of my community helping with Wallowa County Fair clean up days. I also like to assist my mom at the Alpine House Assisted living by helping with the holidays and decorating for special events - but what I enjoy most is spending time with the elderly.

I was a member on the 2019 Wallowa County 4-H court where we participated in the Christmas light parades, attended many dinners and handed out the 4-H awards and helped with the livestock auction. This was an amazing opportunity for me to get other young kids to join the 4-H program and educating them on what 4H has to offer.

I am looking forward to a great summer of fun heading down the rodeo trails with my court partners Rowdy & Audrey.

Please join us at the 2022 75th Elgin Stampede!

2021 Elgin Stampede Queen - Sarah Baker

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