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Legends of the Elgin Stampede

In 2008, the Elgin Stampeders created the “Legends of the Elgin Stampede” to recognize, honor, and pay tribute to those individuals who have made significant contributions in maintaining, promoting, and supporting the Elgin Stampede organization, its community events, its facilities, and especially the success of the annual Elgin Stampede.

This organization has its own bylaws, selection criteria, and rules governing how each person is nominated, screened for eligibility, and inducted.

2021 Legends Inductees

Jerry and Donna have been Stampeders all of their married lives, and Donna, even before that. Donna’s father, Dorr White, was an active member early in the history of the Stampeders and he got Donna involved.He bought her a horse, Peg, because she wanted one so badly.

Ironically, Donna and Jerry met at a Stampede dance.There were many Stampede experiences together that followed.Some of the best memories were the trail rides into the Minam. As you can imagine, “what happens on a Stampede trail ride, stays on the trail.”

Donna and Jerry were in charge of beer sales for many, many, many years. Of course, during most of that time, they lugged kegs, kept them on ice, managed all of the servers, kept of track of the cash—this was pre-token times—and served the beer. After stepping down from managing it, they still poured beer for years.

For at least 20 years, Jerry has been the committee head for ushering at the Stampede Crab Feed, and Donna has served. Our crab feed servers run their legs off keeping the food going, plates full, and customers happy. It is a big job, and the annual Crab Feed would not happen without servers.

In addition to all of this, with Jerry’s experience and history cooking in the National Guard, there were many hard-working adventures for Jerry and Donna, along with Odies and Nelda Payne, to provide food for Stampede functions.

Year after year, Jerry and Donna donate to the annual Stampede Steak Feed and Auction, and are usually there setting up before, buying things they don’t really need, or at least help running up the bids, and staying to clean up afterward.

In July 2014 they were selected as Grand Marshals to represent the Elgin Stampede, and in 2015, at the rodeo that year, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their sons and families hosting a big tailgate party in, where else, the Stampede parking lot.

As have many Legends, Jerry and Donna have passed their commitment to the Stampede on to their sons by getting them involved early in their lives.Their sons remember carrying flowers and the crown, along with Corey Payne, at coronation ceremonies decades ago. The boys remember being in the kiddies parade, and having their kids in it, also! And both boys and their families are at every Stampede event, volunteering wherever needed.

Jerry and Donna have been shining examples of decades of commitment, of remaining a constant in the Stampede family, and of devoting so much of their time and talents to our organization.The Stampeders are honored to induct them as Legends of the Elgin Stampede!

Legends of the Elgin Stampede Inductees

2008: Odies Payne, Betty Trump, Reta Hindman, and Laurose Hibberd

2009: Bob Wiles

2010: Joe & Phylis Bechtel, Randee Munns, and Richard Cason

2012: Nelda Payne, Norma Rysdam, Sonny Riley, Wayne Johnson

2017: Linda Moore

2021: Jerry & Donna Lou Williams

In Memory of . . .Legends Posthumously Inducted

2008: Billy Hindman, Dick Hibberd, Pete Trump

2009: Ern & Frances Adams, Les & Nancy Case, Larry & Margarette Follett, Harry & Irene Gilliam,Royce & Hazel Moore, Wally Moore

2010: Carl & Rula Long, Casey & Helen Keefer, Lee & Ethyl Follett, Kenny Dunn, John & Alta Hunt

2012: Darrell Rysdam

2016: Jim & Margaret McClure

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