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Elgin Stampede Leadership

Officers / Directors / Committee

Left to right: David Baker, Kelly Baker, Steven Skillings, Bob Wiles, Erin Baremore, Kylie Evans, Sheree Evans, Kit Evans (back), Haley Evans, Randy Burgess, Therese Wiles, Chelsie Evans, Kimber DeChenne, Lacie Skillings, Katie Lowe, Tammy Hindman, Kendall Case, Kaylee Hindman, Brock Hindman, Tymra Anderson, Riley Baker. Not pictured: Kristi Williamson, Kyle Evans, Melody Payne, Kari King & Sean Peterson.

Welcome fans!

I am very excited for the 77th anniversary of the Elgin Stampede. I couldn’t write enough thank you’s to show my appreciation for the countless hard-working, selfless individuals, the many generous sponsors, our spectators, contestants and our committee members who make this rodeo a success. I will say it one more time, THANK YOU. I am very excited to share with you all that the grounds have a brand new look this summer; a makeover was long overdue! We began work on the arena and transitioned to implementing new bucking chutes. We then redug and transformed the holding pens and finally began construction of a spacious and accommodating Crows Nest to house our rodeo operations personnel. This arena project is BIG, it’s bright, and its become a beautiful transformation.

We are so excited you are here! Be sure to grab yourself a cold beverage and a good seat, and join us for four days of old Western tradition of the Elgin Stampede. What a ride!

-- Kyle Evans, President
Kyle Evans, President Kyle Evans, President
Steven Skillings, Vice President Steven Skillings, Vice President
Kylie Evans, Secretary Kylie Evans, Secretary
Katie Lowe , Co-Treasurer Katie Lowe , Co-Treasurer
Kimber DeChenne, Co-Treasurer Kimber DeChenne, Co-Treasurer
Kit Evans, Director Kit Evans, Director
Haley Evans, Director Haley Evans, Director
Kristi Williamson, Director Kristi Williamson, Director
Randy Burgess, Director Randy Burgess, Director
Bob Wiles, Director Bob Wiles, Director
Sheree Evans, Director Sheree Evans, Director
Therese Wiles, Director Therese Wiles, Director
Chelsie Evans, Director Chelsie Evans, Director
Erin Baremore, Director Erin Baremore, Director
Kendall Case, Director Kendall Case, Director
Lacie Skillings, Director Lacie Skillings, Director
Melody Payne, Director Melody Payne, Director
Committee Members, Kelly & David Baker Committee Members, Kelly & David Baker

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Tickets on Sale Starting May 5, 2024!